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We did a three-day-rush music video for Lokomotiv. Working round the clock to release it in time.

Great music, and we look forward to working with Lokomotiv again. 

Watch the video under productions tab.

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It's been quiet for quite som time. Lots of things have happened since the last post that was as far back as march. In that time we have released a couple of music videos and a short film. All are available under the productions tab. 

But updating the site has not been a priority now as we have been working night and day on completing our feature film "Ella" which is out now on YouTube and such. 

I would like to personally thank everyone involved in this production and thank you for helping me complete this piece of shit. The next time we will up the game significantly. 

English subtitles will be available soon. 

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New music video for bottlecap. Check it out and spread it like the plague.

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The man, the myth, the legend: Axel Nilsson. He has finally completed his trailer for the Länsman tv-series. 

Check it out, and if more information is desired go to:

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Here is a sneak peek from our upcoming music video for Bottlecap. It's the third one we do for them. 

We are also working with Llewellyn Lloyd on a video. Both of these are soon to be released.

We're also working on our feature length film. Wich is coming along nicely, but there is much to be done still! We will release some screenshots from that one soon.

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First of all we just released a new music video we made for Anton Ego, be sure to check it out:

Other that that we have two new members at Galactic Destruction. Anton Sehlstedt and Elin Johansson has joined us. 

With our new members and an incredible cast we are trying to make an feature film with no budget. Will be tons of fun when we're done!

Tune in like never or something. 

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Lots have happened since our last post here. Three videos have been released that we've been involved with. 

The first one was "Vår döda vän" written and directed by Christoffer Tönnäng at Lect Production. It was released int the 24th of September. The same day Bubach was born. So it was a great day. Bubach did some production assistance and Holden did some photo and was hungover.  

The short film can be seen here: or under our production tab.

Another release was "En Inre Kamp" written and directed by Erik Hjelm at Solitude Pictures. With Holden on that production team as well. Doing some photo and production planning. He's actually in the movie doing some sick stunt-driving which is really cool. 

Be sure to check it out here: or at our productions tab.

And last but not least, today the band Hatesphere released their new music video. That one also written and directed by Christoffer Tönnäng. With our man Bubach on as a production assistant. He also did some of the groping seen in the video. 

Check it out here: or in the other palce you know.

In other news we delayed our short film SCELEROPHOBIA by one week. Because of the horrible happenings in our home town. But we will release it TOMORROW so be sure to tune in then. Also happening tomorrow is Lect Productions new documentary about Kristoffer Hedberg called "Bara några få toner" we'll be writing more about all theese things tomorrow!

In the mean time, remember you'll die somday.

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Eldoradios new single will hit spotify and youtube etc about 07 pm ttoday! Right after it has been premiered in P3 Musikguiden sometime between 06:30 - 07:00 pm.

The video has been made by us, and will probably appear here as well. Holden has peen polishing it for weeks now and it seems like everyone is very happy with the result!

So tune in tonight!

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Earlier this year, right about the time we released THANATOPHOBIA, we started working on a screenplay for a slasher film. This is one of the first pieces of concept art for that film. 

Stay true. 

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The art page is up, which means that comissions are available for order. Just check out the art tab!

If you want a comission of some sort, just mail the artist you want it from. Describe what you want and you'll get price information! 

Or just look at the stuff our artist has already gone and done. Like this rad sea creature of death to the left, and loads more!


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we released a new music viedo today. DESTRUCTION by Lokomotiv. Check that out!


Hyde Spacelys kickstarter is up. Check it out. Great music!


Fun with seize the frame!